Dedicated Tech Staff Augmentation

We can provide you with one, two or a whole team of talented software development engineers at scale or augment your team with our specialists in chosen technologies.

Hire a dedicated software development team of hand-selected engineers.
We can deliver at scale or augment your current team with skilled staff.

Get your tech team


Boost your development capacity with quality talent

Quickly hire senior developers with advanced degrees and solid experience in your domain. Our engineers don’t just receive tasks and write code, they think in terms of value, solutions and solving real problems.


Get access to a large tech talent pool

Ukraine is one of the largest tech talent pools in the world with 200k+ engineers and ranks 5th among top IT service exporters, according to PwC. It also is in the top 10 emerging market locations for offshore services, according to Gartner.


Reduce time spent on recruitment

The average time-to-hire for a software developer is 1.5 months. We can provide you with our staff, who will be ready to start work within one week. We also take care of recruitment and handpick developers according to your requirements.


Reduce expenses

Outsourcing to us saves you from paying for offices, workspaces, equipment, coffee etc. Also, the hourly rates of developers in Ukraine are significantly lower than those in the US and Europe.


Be flexible with a team size

You can scale up and down your team size with a notice period of 1 month, without worrying about the firing process. Moreover, you can request part-time employees to do a specific task in a technology outside your tech stack.


Get dedicated full-time engineers

The engineers provided to you work full-time solely on your projects. They are dedicated to your product and are interested in success. They become a true part of your team.


8.9/10 client satisfaction score

Our clients highlight our ability to build great personal relationships with them, except for the excellent code quality.


85% of the company – senior and middle engineers

We invest in attracting the best talent from the market. We hire only strong middle and senior engineers and no juniors.


20% employee turnover rate

We are interested in long-term relationships. Our employees stay with our clients and us for years.

Dedicated development team model
is best suited for

Companies that need
to extend expertise

Get specialists of any expertise and seniority
in a short period of time.

Businesses with tight

Fit in tight schedule by swiftly boosting your
capacity with remote experts.

Startups that need to scale

Spend no time on local hires by leveraging
an offshore managed team of any size.

How we differ

Pros of the
Team Model

A cost-efficient alternative

Numbers vary, but the average in-house rate is $70/hour while the average outsourced dedicated development team rate is $35/hour. You may, however, find an outsourcing vendor that isn’t that much cheaper to work with, but they are sure to offer the efficiency you could never reach with your in-house team.

No-fuss hiring

The vendor usually has a pool of professionals you can hand-pick candidates from. This gives you access to the skills or talents that would have been hard to find otherwise. While the dedicated development team model does require you to be involved in the hiring process, your job is to select the people that fit your company principles best from the shortlist.

Transparent management and communication

Once again, the outsource dedicated software development team is like an in-house team that works in a separate office. You’re managing them directly, and that includes a lot of daily communication. Plus, you always know what your team is doing and where they are on the progress scale at the moment.

A committed team that adopts your culture

It’s important for a new employee to understand your mission and help push the company toward the joint goal. You’d like to expect the same from your outsourcing partner, and a dedicated development team is most likely to adopt your culture and cheer for your company.

How to built your tech team

1- Send us your requirements

All the requirements are discussed - project, role, technologies, one or more team members required, full team required, experience etc. We will document and sign off on the full requirement list.

2- Review CVs of great candidates

We may have your required tech expert in house and unassigned. They can start immediately.

If we don’t have unassigned in house staff, we get the right CVs ready for you to view. We will shortlist the tech talent and send you the most appropriate candidates for review.

3- Interview

When the best candidates are selected from the CVs, we can arrange interviews for you to evaluate the candidates. We can arrange a number of interview rounds, technical skills tests and work with you on the recruitment process to find the best talent.

4- Select and engage

Once the best candidate is selected we can get them setup and ready to engage with your team. You can then work with the candidate to integrate them into your team using the project and communication tools that you use. It won't be long before they are part of the team and fully integrated into the culture of your organisation.

5- Great team

Building a great tech team through Moebotech gives you the tech specialists you need at a lower cost base. The great difference is your new team members work remotely and we handle all the administration.

What makes us Moebotech

All levels of Tech
Staff available

We can provide you with all levels of tech staff for any tech requirement e.g. Azure Administrators, Dev Ops, Cyber Security, Tech Support, Cisco Administrators - it's a long list! We are diligent in our selection process providing you with expert outsourced staff with excellent tech skills, strong communication skills and outstanding work ethic.

Expert software and mobile app development team

Let us built your software project, mobile app, website, web application. We partner with our clients to provide bespoke development based on your requirements. For new products or ideas, we become your product development team focusing on MVP and product-market fit with scalability and funding in mind.

Augment your current development team with expert outsourced staff

We can become your outsourced technical partner, integrating with your existing teams and augmenting your company’s skillsets with all levels of developers, project managers, designers, dev ops, quality control staff.


We can provide 24 hours technical support for your applications and tech business. All levels of support can be catered for with all communication and support channels available. Let us help your team support your customers tech needs, requirements and support queries.

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